Carles Hac Mor

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Complete audio of the interview with Carles Hac Mor about his work

Extract from the interview with the artist: 

Carles Hac Mor has worked intensely for many years in Catalonia as an artist and writer producing experimental poetry and live art. He went to school in Barcelona in the Sarria Jesuit College where he was expelled after 4 years. He went on to study Law, Philosophy and Journalism at Barcelona University and Comparative Law at Strasburg University. From 1970–74 he began writing as a member of the conceptual art collective, Grup de Treball (Work Group). Since then he has published numerous texts about art and has curated many exhibitions and art shows. He has also exhibited his work in many individual and group exhibitions. Since 1970, he has written and produced several videos and films. In 1973, he began to write and publish poetry in the media and in 1974 he formed Ignasi Ubac, an art collective that from 1975-6 published articles in the newspaper Tele/Exprés. Fom 1985-90, he had his own literary and art column, De Cua d’Ull in the Catalan supplement for the newspaper El Pais. From 1991 he has published many articles in the newspapers, Diari de Girona, Diari de Barcelona and the Segre in Lerida. From 1994 he has written his own art, music and literature section in the supplement for the Catalan newspaper Avui. He has translated many books into Catalan in collaboration with Esther Xargay. During the 1990’s  they also worked together organising several important live art and experimental poetry meetings, such as La Revista Parlada and La Revista Caminada.

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