Sandra Johnston

Date of Birth: 
Country of origin: 
Northern Ireland

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Complete audio of the interview with Sandra Johnston

Extract from the interview with the artist: 


Sandra Johnston makes performances that distort time by shocking away the usual hectic surplus chatter that fills our lives. She does this with a painful economy of movement and an overwhelming concentration of purpose. Her haunting presence creates a silent tension that holds back a tidal wave of bleak and disturbing images. Witnessing her durational works can change the way an audience thinks, feels and breathes.

Sandra is from Northern Ireland and bears the scars and traumas of its history with a stealthy reality that denies all sentiment and indulgence. But something of the atmosphere and isolation is always present

in each new work she makes, even though each individual performance is invented, fashioned and tuned to the specifics of the room and country that has commissioned it. Recently she has been mesmerizing audiences in galleries in Finland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Israel, Spain, Norway and Ireland. 

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